Why Earth Images Mission/Vision

inflateable earth globesWith the Apollo moon projects came the first images of the Earth as seen from space. It was an image that no human had seen before. Our small blue planet floating in space. This is an important image for humans for it helps us transcend boundaries, rivalries, wars, conflict, separation, and division. The Earth image promotes: connection with places and people beyond ones own country; unity; environmental awareness; the understanding that we are in this world together and it is best to treat each other and the natural world peacefully.

We believe the Earth image develops a larger, healthy perspective, the global perspective, for children and adults. Whether the EarthBall is viewed as part of an event, in a classroom, or in a child’s bedroom, the global perspective offers the “bigger picture.” The EarthBall reminds us that we are all in this together, and that peace, taking care of our planet, and being good global citizens are beyond party politics, economic status, or ethnicity. And the Earth is beautiful and fun to look at!