Large Globes

earth friendly display globes museum tradesho event classroomLarge inflatable globes are colorful icons of our wondrous planet, created with thousands of NASA satellite images of Earth from space. They are the most visually authentic Earth replicas available. Large inflatable EarthBalls are easy to inflate and deflate with a simple flick or a switch or a blower.

EarthBalls are available as a rental or to purchase for permanent installations such as beautiful displays for museums, schools, tradeshow booths, buildings, private homes, churches, etc.

When NASA upgraded their satellite digital imagery of the Earth (The Blue Marble Project), the EarthBall was created for the Winter Olympics to help premiere the most modern images from space. The result was the most realistic replicas ever made, an astronaut’s view of Earth, for the first time with NASA digital satellite images.

When people see a giant globe, they usually think it is solid and are surprised to learn it is air-supported. The inflatable globes offer all the advantages—they’re lightweight, easy to inflate, deflate, transport, store, and, when folded, even the largest can go through a regular door space.

Giant EarthBalls range from 3 to 20 feet in diameter. They can rotate on a pedestal or suspended to be part of a display. As a rental, the EarthBall is great for parades, Earth Day events, concerts, exhibitions and tradeshows, and special events.

Printed on a half a million-dollar, ten-foot wide digital printer, we offer a stunningly beautiful, colorful, clear, photo-realistic global perspective. Inflatables, such as are seen in a car lot, use an air brush, crude cartoon look, often green or blue, and often not spherical, with wrinkles and seams. There is no comparison. We are the only company that creates a beautiful, realistic replica of our planet with NASA satellite imagery, perfectly round, with awesome quality!

We can create custom spheres including a logo as well as other spheres with images other than the Earth.

Contact us by e-mail or phone and we can discuss how the “world as seen from space” can be of service to you.