For Fundraising

fundraiser product earth friendly environmental globeLooking for a successful fundraiser for your school, organization, church, or program? Did you know that one hundred children selling ten EarthBalls each would bring in a profit of $7,500? What can you do with that money to benefit children? Each child who sells ten globes gets a free complimentary globe as does his or her teacher.

EarthBalls wholesale for $7.50 and retail for $14.00. We pay for the shipping. The math is easy and the product is fun. Enough of those candy fundraisers. How many consecutive years will your school sell wrapping paper? Looking for an interesting new fundraiser? Try EarthBalls! Created with thousands of NASA satellite images of Earth from space, the sixteen-inch realistic replicas also have glow-in-the-dark cities and are packaged with a sixteen-page Global Handbook full of information, activities, and resources about Earth.

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Now your school or organization can raise funds for your cause by selling EarthBalls. When 100 kids sell 10 EarthBalls each, your school of organization makes $7,500. That includes shipping, and each child and classroom gets an EarthBall. If you would like to receive additional information, just e-mail or call today!