Education & Classrooms

earthball inflatable globes classroom educationEarthBalls can be used in the classroom as part of the curriculum for weather, space, environmental education, writing, history, geography, and music. The global perspective, our world as seen from a distance, reminds children and adults that we are all in this together, inspiring us to take care of our planet, tolerate differences, promote peace, and develop the sense of other.

EarthBall inflatable globes show Earth as seen from space as the most visually authentic Earth replica available. Made with thousands of NASA satellite images of our world from space, they offer a unique three-dimensional perspective of Earth.

Public schools, churches, temples, home school education, NASA outreach, environmental organizations all use EarthBalls in their education programs. They can also be used to raise funds for schools through fundraisers.

Let us know how you are enjoying the EarthBall as part of your education curriculum!